Silversmith Data and Bollig Engineering: Transforming Small City Operations through GIS Asset Management

Silversmith Data is proud to announce a transformative partnership with Bollig Engineering, aimed at revolutionizing the operational landscape of small cities. With a mission to address the challenges posed by outdated paper record-keeping systems, Silversmith Data sees this collaboration as a pivotal step in providing innovative GIS asset management solutions tailored for small municipalities.

Silversmith Data’s AST™ software provides an advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) asset management tool, a cloud-based software solution seamlessly integrating spatial data with asset management. Crafted to meet the unique needs of small cities, this tool offers an adaptable and cost-efficient solution with an annual cost based on population size.

Empowering Bollig Engineering’s Clients

The partnership with SIlversmith Data brings tangible benefits to Bollig Engineering’s clients. Small cities, in collaboration with Bollig Engineering, can have access to AST at no charge for up to one year. At the trial’s conclusion, cities can choose to continue with an ongoing annual subscription directly with Silversmith or exit the program at no cost. Additionally, cities can purchase data collection equipment directly from Silversmith for independent data collection or enlist Bollig Engineering’s expertise for a nominal fee, ensuring a tailored approach to meet specific needs.

The collaboration between Silversmith Data and Bollig Engineering marks a significant milestone in empowering small cities with cutting-edge GIS asset management solutions. As both entities combine their expertise, small municipalities can look forward to streamlined operations, cost-effective decision-making, and sustainable growth, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation.