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Silversmith Data is an industry leader in problem-solving, creating solution-based products that provide efficiency and ease for our partners. We have successfully developed innovative solutions for hundreds of clients with timely, cost-effective results

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The Silversmith Story

In 1992, David Silvers, an oil field technician, realized that manually gathering field data was inefficient, costly, and often incomplete. The solution? A patented communication system that effectively solved the information lag in the gas and oil industry.
For the next ten years, his company began to grow and expand into various industries. Eventually, he gained interest from entrepreneur and investor Jack Smith. The duo locked arms in 2003, and Silversmith Data was born.
A lot has changed since the two joined efforts, but the foundations upon which Silversmith Data was founded have stayed the same. Our company’s core is innovation, and we continuously deliver products that make our customer’s jobs easier.
Between 2004 and 2013, we launched a series of products in the Oil and Gas Industries, setting national benchmarks and standards for remote monitoring.
In 2014, we began developing technology focused on the world’s first “smart” fire hydrant, allowing remote, off-site, 24/7 data retrieval. A few years later, in 2018, this product that would become Hydralert® launched us into a new customer base, municipalities.

Through our product development of Hydralert®, we were able to see the deeper need for fast, accessible data within Municipalities and Water Facilities. This discovery led us to create our landmark product Asset Status Tracker (AST™) and launch it to the masses in 2017.

Today, we use Hydralert® in combination with AST™ to create a new, more efficient technology that can enhance the knowledge and control of our customer’s assets and get real-time feedback like they’ve never had before. In the last ten years, we have truly changed the game for asset management.
And somehow, we feel like this is just the beginning for Silversmith Data.
We invite you along for the ride.
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Meet The Team

Our sales team and support staff is full of AST™ and Hydralert® Experts that are here to help you achieve optimal efficiency in your city, town, or village. Find your representative below.

We are proud members of the following organizations: the American Water Works Association (AWWA) in Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas and the Rural Water Association (RWA) in Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, Iowa, and Kentucky. Find us at an upcoming event! 

Ray Cook

Director of Water Sales
Hydralert® & AST™ Specialist

Tim Bresnahan

Sales & Business Development
Michigan Region Hydralert® & AST™ Representative

Kevin Carpenter

Sales & Business Development
Iowa Region Hydralert® & AST™ Representative

Brandon Cook

Sales & Business Development
Indiana Region Hydralert® & AST™ Representative

Armas Lamsa

Appalachia District Manager & Business Development
Appalachian Region Hydralert® & AST™ Representative

Jill Robertson

Business Development & Accounting
Appalachian Region Hydralert® & AST™ Representative

Jim Robertson

Texas District Manager & Business Development
Texas Region Oil & Gas Specialist

Mike Rose

Canada District Manager
Silversmith Canada Hydralert®, AST™, Oil & Gas Specialist

Aaron Humes

Sales & Business Development
Missouri Region Hydralert® & AST™ Representative