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Meter Central™ builds on the advanced technology and accessibility of the original Meter Central well monitoring software. This version reaffirms our commitment to continually expand the functionality of our software based on the growing capabilities of our systems and our resolution to implement our customer’s suggested modifications. The software remains free of charge to the users of our systems.

The new version features numerous enhancements to the function and workflow of the software, as well as a streamlining and optimizing of the codebase. Users will discover expanded graphing and reporting options, a new interface, and new features including TRaineAuto™ 2.0, LiveStream™, and CPFView™.

TRaineAuto™ 2.0, The automatic communication server, has been updated to increase communication speed, accommodate for LiveStream™ (Patent Pending), and will now accept real-time alarms. Now every IPHost will open and retain an IP socket connection that listens for packets from the field even when it is not requesting them. This doubles the speed of real-time data from the field because you need only send one request to get a unit to respond for a period of time. The new real-time alarms will respond to users within seconds instead of minutes.

LiveStream™ graphically displays the configuration of the chosen well type and all relevant metered data. LiveStream™ integrates the power of the new TRaineAuto™ 2.0 LiveStream™ packet to provide continuously updated data to the display. This graphical representation allows complete access to the user’s monitored well functions in a single, easily identifiable interface.

CPFView™ provides a similar graphical overview of the entire CPF system. Built with input from the customer, CPFView™ offers yet another integrated view of the production system.


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