Asset Status Tracker (AST™)




Kimball, MN

User-Friendly Application Proves Game-Changing for the City of Kimball

After trying and feeling unsatisfied with other utility management applications, the City of Kimball contacted Silversmith Data to find the perfect solution. An affordable and user-friendly asset management system that would allow all users and city employees to keep track of utilities with just a few clicks.

The Problem

For three years, the City of Kimball was on the hunt for a user-friendly asset management system to help them catch a situation before it became emergent. Their current system, although simple, was not efficient enough for their team. The GPS points were inaccurate and always needed an engineer to edit something within the program. After months of research, they discovered Asset Status Tracker (AST)™ from Silversmith Data.

The Solution

While their current system was simple in terms of what you could do, it was not user-friendly. When presenting AST™ as an optimal solution for the City of Kimball, we stressed the usability of our system. The key factors that sold their Public Works Lead were:
  • Marking Capability: AST™ can mark fire hydrants, meter pits, main breaks, curb stops, utility poles, and more with just a few clicks.
  • Application Updates: Our dedicated engineers continuously add features based on ALL clients’ requests. Sometimes it’s items you never knew you needed!
  • Users: At Silversmith, we believe everyone in your company should have access to AST if they wish. That’s why we have UNLIMITED users and layers, always.
  • Affordability: Although AST™ functions just like some of the high-cost systems on the market, our price point is attainable for any city, town, or village.
They needed a partner who would understand their needs, alleviate potential challenges, and make work easier for their small team. We were able to do that.

The Outcome

The switch to AST™ has been a game-changer for the City of Kimball. They have been able to locate utilities, nuisances, as well as other ordinances with ease. AST™ has created a more efficient work environment as they can accomplish tasks 10X faster by identifying utilities within seconds versus hours like before.

Additionally, because of how we set users, they are saving the city money. For a small community, this is KEY! They no longer have to pay for every user that wants or needs access to the program allowing everyone in the office to feel knowledgeable about the city’s utilities.

If you are interested in learning more about Asset Status Tracker, the City of Kimball’s experience, or other Silversmith Data offerings, contact us today!