Asset Status Tracker (AST™)




Mattawan, MI

Upgrading Outdated Systems for the Village of Mattawan

After struggling for years with lost work orders, illegible writing, and inefficient processes, the Village of Mattawan, MI contacted Silversmith Data to explore our Asset Status Tracker (AST™) system. We were able to address their needs and provide them with a solution that produced an outcome boasting time and cost savings for years to come. 

The Problem

Located on the eastern border of Van Buren County, Michigan, you will find the Village of Mattawan. With a population of around 2,000 people, they pride themselves on being rural, living at its very best. With a small village comes small resources and the need to be efficient with time and money. In order to do that, Mattawan’s Public Works Superintendent knew a change needed to take place.

Within their current system, they were still using a paper system that was outdated, inefficient, and prone to mistakes such as people losing work orders, underreporting, and simply writing down inaccurate information. After experiencing the ease of Asset Status Tracker (AST™) by Silversmith Data, the choice to invest was an easy one!

The Solution

AST™ offered the Village of Mattawan something no other system had before. With time, the system has grown on them and with them to completely transform their small department of 4. When our team presented AST™ as the best solution for their needs, we discussed a few select things:  
  • On-Demand Training: Silversmith Data provides setup and training for all employees, even if they start AFTER the system has been in place.
  • Simple Reporting: With just a few clicks, your team can pull reports with various data outputs. Our engineers can even create special reports just for you!
  • Software Upgrades: Our dedicated engineers continuously add features based on ALL clients’ requests. Sometimes it’s items you never knew you needed!
  • Efficient Communication: Our customer service is second to none. We care about the success of your team and will be here to answer any questions every step of the way.
They needed a partner who could understand their reservations to technology, alleviate potential challenges, and make their department more efficient with the resources they had. Silversmith was the company for the job!

The Outcome

By partnering with Silvermsith Data, Mattawan has been able to work with confidence knowing all city assets are accounted for and working in order, something they couldn’t do before making the investment in AST™.

Asset Status Tracker has allowed them to decrease cost and increase efficiency through new processes. For example, they now have a list of all hydrants that need repair, budget for said repair, and complete them without anything slipping through the cracks. Between time savings, cost savings, and an overall better experience as a team, it is safe to say that AST™ has been game-changing for the Village of Mattawan.

If you are interested in learning more about Asset Status Tracker, the Village of Mattawan’s experience, or other Silversmith Data offerings, contact us today!